Narrative Forgery is a design workshop series exploring official documents. These documents are often overlooked or taken for granted, yet they are key to the intricate systems that drive our society, enforce its rules and enable it to function. They are also artifacts from our time that can reflect our values, politics and culture, spanning top-secret and high-security to everyday life. These fascinating objects of design sit at the tip of huge icebergs of bureaucracy, trust and knowledge.

This project is a space for designers to explore different manifestations of “officiality” by:

1) Researching and unpacking the visual languages, codes and conventions within existing documents. 2) Repurposing, manipulating and/or subverting these elements to explore new possibilities, proposals and narratives through the design of artifacts.

Narrative Forgery is a space for designers to experiment, speculate and blur the line between reality and fiction. It proposes to re-claim (graphic) design as a narrative tool to explore ideas, make proposals and tell new stories.