Introduction to the Visual Equation Decoding System {VEDS}

by Luc Bernay

The following process is a scientific system certified by the designer authorities.

The Visual Equation Decoding System is a repetitive method using typology and deconstruction as principal processes. It is a revolutionnary outcome, in so far as it illuminates us on the true meaning of equations. Indeed, since their creation, equation have been discriminatory against mankind. Nowadays they represent a real political threat, a powerful weapon to condemn poeple to ignorance and manipulation.

We, the Free United Designer Detectives, are proud to present the VEDV, the most effective antidote against misunderstanding discrimination. It is a free rational and democratic system, so that even your children can use, with a complete control of the situation. Understanding is living.

First Equation
Equation defining the wave particule displacement, according to Newton’s Gravity law as force acting on small mass elements. The Wave Equation of Sound, B. Porr October, 6th 2005

Comparative Hierarchy Index
To reveal the first letters of the final message, we use the {CHI}. We display two diagrams concerning width/height of signs. This operation leads to operations leading to letters.

Typologic Rotation Filter
The following step is a sign operation. We have defined the origins and order {CHI} of the equation signs. Now we have to invert sign following the TF process to extract Potential Hidden Meanings {PHM}. {TF} is a 3 level filter platefrom including type/shape

Second Equation
Schrödinger’s equation dependant of time, evidencing existence of scalair infinite product

Pyramidal Algorithm System
{PAS} is meant to reveal a specific letter order. We break down the equation and re-organise it according to the algorithm ratio.

Circular Structural Generator
After breaking down the equation, we break down the sign itself. {CSG} generates cut and reveals new signs, hidden signs. So that each sign has its opposite.

Third Equation
Equation for the normalisation condition of the wave function.

Horizontal Structural Generator
{HSG} is an alternative system to {CSG}. It is based on rotation and miror curved movements.

Morse Codex
We finally use {MC} to determine the last letters of the visual equation system. We refer to the morse international language.

Matrix Diagram
Now we have gathered letters from the three previous equations. The {MD} is designed for letter comparative analysis.

To conclude, the visual equation decoding system has proved the Newton’s equations are in fact an international occidental malt fuel conspiracy.